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Lowndes County Schools 2024 Approved Budget


Finance Information

Travel Packet  2023-24 (click view and make your own copy to complete)

School Credit Card Sign In Out Sheet

School Activity Pay Sheets

School Credit Card Expense Sheet

Envision School Letter

Cash Collection Procedures

  1. Cash Collection - All Funds will be turned into the Principal's Office Daily
    • Standard Cash Collection Form - Initiated at the Teacher/Sponsor Level
    • Duplicate Receipts - Initiated at the Office or sponsor level (if applicable)
      Important to Note the Correct Account to Deposit the Funds for all deposits
      Only employees are bonded and authorized to handle money including School Improvement
      (Money handling may be easier with, Ex. Fund raising companies collect funds; ice cream money collected at ice cream box)
  2. Cash to be verified, by another employee, with amounts on Cash Collection sheet
  3. At the end of the day all cash turned in to the Office
  4. Deposit with Bank(>$100) and forward bank receipt and all collection documents to Centralized Bookkeeping