Federal Programs

Federal Programs in Lowndes County Schools

The mission of Federal Programs is to provide technical assistance, program monitoring and resources to local educational agencies (LEA) to ensure that all children have an opportunity to obtain a high quality education and to achieve proficiency on the state's high academic achievement standards. LCS receives additional federal funding to supplement the needs of students in high poverty schools, to provide additional professional learning for teachers, to support students who meet the State definition of Neglected and/or Delinquent students, and to address the academic needs of Migrant and English Learners.

These supplemental funds are allocated based on the specific needs as indicated through the school and district plans for improving student achievement and progress. These needs are identified through various forms of achievement data, parent perceptions, and community input.

Guidelines of how federal funds are allocated and spent may be found in the Lowndes County Federal Policies and Procedures Handbook. This handbook provides background and guidance for employees and the general public on many of the basic operating procedures for Lowndes County Schools. It is updated annually, and the handbook can be accessed using the link below:
FY 22 District Improvement Plan (also called "The CLIP")

FY 22 Resource Allocation Method/Plan (RAMP)

FY 22 Federal Policies & Procedures Handbook

Stakeholder input is encouraged when planning for the best interests of students academically, emotionally and socially.  Any input to this comprehensive needs assessment/district improvement plan process may be sent to Herb Hamilton, Federal Programs Director.  

Herb Hamilton

Director of Federal Projects/Professional Learning

Office: (229) 316-1866

herbhamilton @lowndes.k12.ga.us