Transportation Facts

Lowndes County Schools' bus fleet ranges in age from 1993-2017 models. We have 120 buses in transit each morning and afternoon, and 35 buses are used as needed when other buses are being repaired. The Transportation Department is also responsible for support vehicles, and we have 65 in this fleet.

Total number of buses owned 155
Buses with air conditioning 90
Full-time employees 150 (120 drivers, 16 monitors, 4 full-time sub drivers, and 5 office staff members)
Substitute drivers 25
Regular education drivers 101
Special needs drivers 16
Special needs monitors 16
CPES drivers 3
number of field trips driven each year (approximate) 900
Approximate number of miles driven each day 7,500 (1.5 million per year)
Students transported daily 7,000
Gallons of diesel used yearly 255,000
Gallons of gas used yearly 30,000

Bus Routes on E-Link

Parents can find out what bus their children will ride using the e-Link program. Please click the icon below to access e-Link. [Directions for accessing e-Link- Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader].


Transportation Department Staff

1064 Howell Rd.

Valdosta, GA 31601


229-245-2259 Fax

Matt Deal


[email protected]

Austin Merriman

Assistant Director

[email protected]

Cheryl Banks

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

[email protected]

Pat Young

Driver Trainer/Safety Coordinator

[email protected]