Certified Personnel Handbook

2022-2023 Certified Employee Handbook



This Certified Personnel Handbook (Handbook) is intended for informational purposes for certified employees of Lowndes County Schools (LCS) and does not create an employment contract or guarantee a term of employment for any period. The Handbook is provided so that each certified employee (teacher, administrative, and service certificated) can better understand the expectations of LCS. The information contained in the Handbook and in subsequent updates should be studied thoroughly. A complete understanding of this handbook enables the certificated employee to have a more successful and meaningful working relationship with the Lowndes County Board of Education (Board). The information contained in this handbook is based on numerous sources, including federal and state laws, state and local Board policies and procedure, and various employee benefit plans. The information as published is correct to the best of the school system’s knowledge; however, laws, court decisions, and interpretations of law, and Board policies are subject to change without prior notice. Additionally, benefit provisions are likely to change frequently, particularly with respect to the various insurance and retirement benefits available to each employee. Periodic updates of the Handbook will be provided to reflect changes in the Handbook. The information found in this handbook is not meant to be, and should not be relied upon as legal advice or financial investment advice. If you have any questions regarding benefits or financial investment decisions, then you should contact a qualified financial advisor. Any questions about the Handbook should be directed to your administrator/director or the Human Resources Department. The Handbook supersedes all former handbooks relating to personnel policies and administrative procedures for certified contractual personnel disseminated by the LCS. Should there be any conflict in the contents of the Handbook, Board policies, plan documents, etc., and federal and state law, then the latter instrument(s) will be the controlling documents.