Community Partners in Education (CPIE)

Community Partners in Education (CPIE)

Community Partners in Education (CPIE) is a combined effort of the Lowndes County School System and the Valdosta City School System, whose purpose is to encourage greater student achievement in school systems by developing partnerships between individual schools and area businesses, industries, civic, church and community groups.
CPIE was only a dream in 1989. A task force of ten community (business, education, and Chamber) members worked throughout the year to create CPIE. The group created the name, the logo, the colors and the purpose for the program. In April of 1990 the first CPIE meeting was held with 75 businesses, civic groups, and churches in attendance.

Today, CPIE has a total of over 425 partnerships and new partnerships continue to be formed each year. From spending an hour each week tutoring a student in reading to landscaping a schoolyard, to making presentations on career readiness, CPIE partners make a positive contribution by helping to better prepare the leaders of tomorrow – our children!


CPIE Fact Sheet

1.) What is CPIE?

Community Partners in Education helps schools and businesses develop partnerships that support schools and students. The parties commit to specific activities intended to benefit students, improve student achievement and accomplish school improvement goals.

2.) Who qualifies as a partner?

Good News, businesses/individuals, community-based organizations, and government agencies are eligible. The only quality every partner must have is a dedication to improve public education through their service.

3.) Why become a partner?

Your participation as a partner will influence our children, our community and our future. The benefits of becoming a partner are endless. You can choose what type of partner you want to be, and what services you wish to provide. The three types of partnerships are, partners-at-large, school partners, and contributing partners.

4.) How do I become a partner?

Getting your partnership started is easy. Just call:

Lauren Pope, Lowndes County Schools' System Coordinator at (229) 316-1810 or

Jennifer Steedley, Valdosta City Schools' System Coordinator at (229) 671-6065

Or, call your appointed school coordinator.

All individuals involved in a partnership are required to complete the Partner Commitment form prior to working with students.

5.) Where will I volunteer?

As a partner, you may choose to be a partner-at-large (PAL) or to partner with an individual school(s). Together, you will work with the school coordinator to plan what services you or your business can provide.

6.) When should I start?

Today! We are ready to begin a lasting partnership with your business. Once you fill out and submit a CPIE partnership form, you will be contacted by a CPIE coordinator within two weeks.